What Are Some Learning Activities for Pre-K Children?


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Some learning activities for pre-K children include making their own alphabet books, growing their own plants and collecting stamps or coins. Other learning activities for pre-K children are drawing maps of their neighborhoods and counting certain objects within their homes.

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One learning activity that is good for pre-K children to do is a counting assignment, in which they have to count how many of a certain object there are in the home. For example, a child could count how many doorknobs or windows there are, how many cans are in the cupboard or how many spoons are in the drawer. Counting assignments such as these exercise a young child's observational skills as well as teach them numbers, and are good practice for regular school.

Another learning activity that is good for pre-K children is making glitter shapes. The teacher can trace various shapes onto sheets of construction paper with nontoxic glue and have children sprinkle glitter all over them, then shake it off. Asking the children to name each of the shapes that are now outlined in glitter reinforces shape recognition.

A pre-K child can make her own alphabet book by printing each letter either in a small notebook or on sheets of loose-leaf paper. Using old magazines, the child can cut out pictures of objects that begin with each letter to paste on the corresponding sheets of paper. This activity can be done with photos of family and friends as well.

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