What Are Language Art Activities for Preschoolers?

Language arts activities for preschoolers include flash cards, drawing and tracing letters, alliteration drills, making letter collages and letter matching games. Finding words that start with a certain letter and practicing name writing also help build language skills in young children.

Language activities for preschoolers can be simple. Reading, singing the Alphabet Song and coloring pictures of letters or words help build a child's capacity to learn language, reading and writing. Practice flash cards to help learn what letters are called and the sounds they make. Let children come up with all the words they can think of that start with a certain letter.

Give children a letter and a packet of blank paper. Have them cut out pictures that start with their assigned letter. Have them draw pictures or write words that start with that letter. Kids can also practice writing big and little letters by copying each letter in its big and little form. Use flashcards to match letter sets; for example, put big M and little m together.

Teaching children to write their name helps develop letter recognition and formation and can practice putting letters together in word form. Have kids find words that start with the same letter as their name for extra learning practice.