What Kind of Layout Should a Preschool Classroom Have?


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The ESL Teacher Board, more specifically preschool expert Maria Montessori, says that one of the most important things to consider when designing a preschool classroom is to keep all furniture, including tables, chairs, shelves and cubbies, smaller so that preschool children are able to easily access them. Dividing the room into special areas also is recommended.

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Preschool classrooms need to have a variety of areas that allow for play, imagination and learning. Examples of classroom areas include those for coloring or art creation, writing stations, blocks or building areas, music play, dramatic play, manipulation, books and possibly even an indoor playground if space allows. When figuring out where to put each station, the teacher or designer needs to think about how loud certain areas tend to be. Those areas that must be quieter need to be spaced away from louder areas. For instance, book areas and the playground or play areas should be in opposite corners. Shelving or colored tape on the floor serve as good dividers of space. The center of the room generally serves as a gathering place or an area for circle time. It is imperative that this area is free from large objects or obstructions. Most importantly, the classroom needs to be a fun place to learn and play while still being safe..

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