Do Kids Need Breaks During the Day?


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Kids need regular breaks from their studies during the day. Break periods that involve physical activity are best for kids because exercise stimulates brain activity. Kids are better able to focus and pay attention during school if they have short, energizing breaks in between their lessons. The closer kids pay attention, the more information they absorb. Also, their behavior improves with more frequent breaks, as the breaks prevent them from getting fidgety during class time.

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Recess helps kids build social skills outside of the classroom. It gives them a chance to become better acquainted with one another. Recess also aids in kids' physical development by giving them allotted times for physical activity, which they may not have otherwise. It is not healthy for kids to sit at a desk all day and then go home to sit around doing homework, surfing the Internet or playing videogames.

Many schools in the United States are limiting recess time, and some are cutting it out completely, as of 2015. The United Nations' Declaration of the Rights of the Child states that all children have the right to be educated, but they also have the right to play and have recreation periods. It asserts that public authority figures are required to give children the opportunity to exercise their right to play.

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