What Jobs Are Available for Children Aged 9 and Up?


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Although it is illegal in the United States for children to enter official employment, the ways for them to earn money around the house and garden include yard work, dog walking, house sitting, car washing and helping out their parents with younger children. Then, there are the traditional "kids' jobs" like taking on a local paper route or setting up a lemonade stand.

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As with a paper route or a lemonade stand, many of these jobs can be carried out in the community instead of the home. A yard work business can be established with little more than a few flyers dotted around the neighborhood to advertise services like watering plants, raking leaves or sowing seeds. Likewise, a child dog walker can take on a number of their neighbors' dogs at once, potentially an opportunity for year-round, long-term employment, not to mention getting to know the neighbors.

Entrepreneurial endeavors like these can be taken a step further. At 12 years old, Moziah Bridges made headlines for making $150,000 selling homemade bow ties. Declaring himself CEO, he employed his grandmother, mother and three other women as his seamstresses.

Another employment opportunity for children is acting, which, although it can require a significant financial outlay for classes and travel, can also be extremely lucrative.

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