What Are Some Jobs Available for 14 Year Olds?

Fourteen-year-olds may work a variety of jobs, including some retail positions, food service jobs, intellectual and creative work, landscaping work and delivery jobs by foot or on a bicycle or public transportation. There are restrictions on the hours that 14-year-olds may work, as well as restrictions on the job duties they can perform.

Fourteen-year-olds are allowed to do a number of jobs, provided they work under hour and task restrictions set by the U.S. Department of Labor. All work must be done outside of school hours, and they may work no more than three hours per school day or eight hours per day when school is not in session.

Retail jobs that involve stocking shelves, running a cash register, bagging goods for customers, light cleaning and carrying bags for shoppers are frequently available for teens. This type of work may be in a grocery store or other retail store.

Fast food and restaurant jobs are also available for 14-year-olds, provided they are not cooking over an open flame or operating hazardous equipment. Dish washing and cleaning tables are common food industry jobs for teens of this age.

Landscaping work may be done by 14-year-olds provided they are not operating power tools. This limits the job availability to cleanup work and helping older landscapers carry tools.