What Are Some Jobs Available for 12-Year-Old Preteens?


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Jobs for 12-year-old preteens include babysitting, dog walking and delivering newspapers. Another way for preteens to make money is setting up a lemonade stand or a car wash.

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Babysitting involves keeping children safe and entertained. Babysitter training courses are available at community centers and Red Cross locations to teach basic safety skills. Babysitters can get started by watching the children of family friends or relatives. Young or inexperienced babysitters may help a parent with children before watching children alone.

Dog walkers take one or more dogs out for a walk so that they get exercise. The dog walker should be comfortable with animals and meet every dog beforehand. Taking care of dogs is difficult, so beginner dog walkers may start out with only one dog. One variation on babysitting and dog walking is pet sitting, where the preteen takes care of an animal while the owner is away from home.

Preteens who deliver newspapers have a route of homes they follow. This job requires a reliable method of transportation to deliver newspapers efficiently.

For both lemonade stands and car washes, the preteen puts up a sign advertising the service. While lemonade is a common item to sell, other options include baked goods or rice treats. One way to earn consistent income washing cars is by setting up a car washing schedule where the preteen visits clients to wash their cars.

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