What are some Irish names for grandma?


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Some Irish words for grandmother are "seanmh��thair", "mam��", "m��ra��", "m��thair mh��r" and "chr��onna". "Seanmh��thair" is used for formal applications and addresses, whereas "Mam��" is the most common familiar address, equivalent to "Nana" in English.

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What are some Irish names for grandma?
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Many of the Gaelic words for grandmother build upon the word for mother, "m��thair". "Mh��r", meaning "big" or "great", is the adjective used for "great mother", "m��thair mh��r". "Sean", a prefix meaning "old", is used to construct the common formal address "Seanmh��thair". "M��thair Chr��onna" translates into English as "wise mother". English-speaking Irish children often call their grandmother "Granny" or "Nana", or distinguish the two sets of grandparents by using a Gaelic address for one set and an English address for the other set.

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