How Do You Find Your Irish Family Crest?


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Find an Irish family crest at IrishSurnames.com by selecting a link to find an Irish coat of arms. Find your surname from the alphabetical list, and select it to view the family crest. Also find a family crest by searching TheTreeMaker.com and selecting free coat of arms search from the menu. Type in the surname, and click go to search for the family crest.

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If the family crest is not visible on TheTreemaker.com, contact the company by email or phone. TheTreemaker.com has access to over 1,000,000 surnames. For some coats of arms on the website, the artwork has not been completed. For a fee, individuals can request that the company's artists create a coat of arms for online previewing.

On IrishSurnames.com, there are more than 1000 family crests that are available to view along with family history information. Some surnames have more than one family crest. Immigrants brought many non-Gaelic names into Ireland, most notably during the seventeenth century. Since at that time people considered it a disadvantage to have an Irish-sounding name, many surnames were modified to sound more like Anglo or Scottish names. One example is the O'Murchadha sept that adopted the name Murphy.

The spelling of some surnames has changed over time as well. For example, the surname Kavanagh changed to Cavanagh and later to Cavanaugh. For these reasons, it can be difficult for a person to determine the origin of a surname.

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