How Do You Install Stroller Replacement Wheels?

How Do You Install Stroller Replacement Wheels?

To replace stroller wheels, loosen the locking axle nut and swap out the tires. There are different strollers that use uniquely sized wheels, but the process is still the same for the most part. The only strollers that will be completely different are those that use a large single wheel in the front of the stroller.

Jogging strollers are the units that use bigger wheels and can be easily driven on trails. Although there are other strollers on the market, these are a lot more common. Use the following instructions to replace the wheels on the stroller.

  1. Loosen the lock bar
  2. As a safety feature for all strollers, there is a small lever located behind the axis of the rear wheels. Unhook this locking bar.

  3. Release the wheel
  4. Each rear wheel will utilize a special push-in locking system. To release it, push down on the center of the wheel and pull the rim off.

  5. Replace the rear wheel
  6. Replace the rear wheel with a new one. Once properly mounted, make sure the center lock clips in place. Then go under the stroller and lock the axle.

  7. Replace the front wheel
  8. These wheels will have a locking spindle running through them. Loosen and remove it to replace the wheel, and then replace the spindle to finish.