What Ingredients Are Found in Baby Wipes?


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Common ingredients found in baby wipes includes non–woven fabric, cleansing ingredients namely water, mild detergents, cellulose, and Aloe Vera gel. Other ingredients are glycerin citric acid and fragrance. The ingredients used to manufacture baby wipes vary depending on the manufacturer.

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What Ingredients Are Found in Baby Wipes?
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The non-woven material used in baby wipes consists of fibers such as cotton and plastic resins such as polypropylene, polyester and polyethylene. Another ingredient is water, which constitutes a significant part of the baby wipes. Water acts as a solvent and carrier for the other components. Depending on the manufacturer of the wipe, the type of water may be distilled water, tap water or even spring water.

The mild detergents in baby wipes are amphoteric surfactants that ensure mildness and decrease skin irritation, while the cellulose in the wipes acts as a thickener to control viscosity. Humectants such as glycerin and aloe vera gel ensure that the wipe solution does not dry prematurely and that the skin remains moisturized. Another essential ingredient in baby wipes is citric acid that helps in the stabilizing and maintaining of the right pH balance. In addition, some manufacturers include fragrance in their baby wipes to enhance the wipes' appeal to and leave the skin scented softly.

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