What Are the Ingredients in Enfamil Formula?


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Enfamil Formula comes in many varieties, all of which have slightly different ingredients, but the base ingredients in most formulas include non-fat milk, lactose, vegetable oil and whey protein. Other ingredients usually found in the formulas in quantities less than 1 percent include calcium carbonate, vitamin B12, vitamin D3, biotin and vitamin E. Enfamil also comes in a non-GMO formula, which is available in both liquid and powder. This version includes additional ingredients such as choline, DHA and prebiotics.

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Enfamil also makes formulas for babies with special dietary needs, such as prematurely born babies, babies with difficulty absorbing fat and babies with food or milk protein allergies. These formulas include different ingredients such as medium triglycerides, corn syrup, water as a primary ingredient and corn starch. Some of these specialty formulas also include amino acids, sunflower oil and tapioca starch.

Another popular Enfamil product related to formula is the Human Milk Fortifier Powder, which includes ingredients such as additional iron, milk protein isolate, soy bean oil and MCT oil. This product states that it is nutritionally incomplete and intended as a supplement to be added to breast milk.

Enfamil also makes a line of Phenyl-free formulas, which do not include the essential amino acid phenylalanine. The formulas come in versions for infants, toddlers and children.

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