What Information Does MyFlorida Child Care List on Its Website?

What Information Does MyFlorida Child Care List on Its Website?

For information on child care, MyFlorida.com directs to MyFLFamilies.com, which lists detailed information about child care, including choosing child care, choosing summer camp, laws and requirements, child care contacts and background screening. MyFLFamilies.com lists the information under numerous categories, including For Families, For Providers and Employers, Training and Credentialing, Resources and Special Initiatives.

MyFLFamilies.com is a website of the Florida Department of Children and Families. The administration of child care licensing and training is the responsibility of DCF’s office of Child Care Regulation and Background Screening. The main purpose is to make sure that the children are well taken care of and are part of positive, healthy, safe and educational environments. It also focuses on making sure that staff involved in child care is trained and qualified.

For families, mainly parents, the website provides information about various aspects such as providers, choosing child care, understanding laws and requirements, a family guide on selecting quality children programs and understanding child care facilities.

For providers and employees, the website provides information on various elements, including listing summer camps, background screening, licensing information, training information and religious exemptions.

As of August 2015, 888-352-2842 is the number to call for more information. The website also lists numerous other child care contacts, including Department of Education, Office of Early Learning and training coordinators.