How Do You Know If Your Infant Has Night Terrors?


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Children experiencing night terrors may seem frightened in their sleep, but parents are typically unable to wake them, according to Ask Dr Sears. Their eyes may be open, yet they may not seem to see others present. They may also cry or flail about, notes BabyCenter.

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Children having night terrors may not recognize people or objects for what they are, and some attempts to soothe them may further upset them, warns Ask Dr Sears. The terrors typically begin within a couple of hours after falling asleep and end without intervention.

Although Ask Dr Sears states that night terrors usually happen to children between 1 and 8 years of age, and BabyCenter says they typically start at age 4 or 5, KidsHealth says they can begin in infants as young as 8 to 12 months. Both Ask Dr Sears and KidsHealth state that children do not remember night terrors after waking.

About 2 percent of children experience night terrors, according to both Ask Dr Sears and BabyCenter. A potential remedy for the problem waking the child 15 minutes before he typically has night terrors. Ask Dr Sears suggests doing this for seven nights, and if the terrors still occur, repeating it for another seven nights.

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