What Are Infant Lesson Plans?


Infant lesson plans are organized lessons designed to teach infants language, movement, music and motor and social skills as they develop from week to week. Each lesson revolves around a simple theme and includes at least one element from the skills list. Lesson plans can be created for one or several infants.

Infant lesson plans can be used by parents or preschool teachers. Most plans are organized to appeal to specific age groups. For instance, lesson plan A is for infants ranging in age from 1 to 4 months. Lesson plan D is for children 9 to 12 months. Early lessons feature activities that are easy for a baby to do like grasping objects, sitting up, squeezing a ball, learning a word and recognizing himself in a mirror.

As the weeks go by, the infant is ready to be introduced to more complex associations between words, sounds and meanings. Soft puppets and toys make great teaching tools. Music is also incorporated into lessons through short, simple songs. Older infants are introduced to colors and numbers on a predetermined schedule. One-week infants are engaged in discovering common colors. The following week, infants start to learn how to count to five. Children who have mastered crawling, walking, grasping and speaking move on to independent activities.