What Are Some Infant Activities for Day Care?

What Are Some Infant Activities for Day Care?

Some activities for infants in day care include clapping hands, playing with water, singing along and coloring. These activities help encourage the development of important skills at an early age.

Babies about 12 months old can engage in sing-along activities. Choose a song that does not have too many words to make it easy for the young ones to catch on. Singing the same songs repeatedly over the weeks is a good idea.

Having a water table and placing items in it can encourage babies to reach and grab. As the kids grab items from the water table, call out the names of the items.

Infants are often excited by the sounds made by clapping hands. As they grow, they are likely to start imitating this activity. Try to make different sounds by changing the pattern of clapping to keep them interested.

Constructing a tower with a set of blocks can be a good way to enhance motor skills. Decrease the size of the blocks as the child becomes more skilled. Another fun activity is gift surprises. This involves wrapping the children's toys in colorful papers and allowing them to unwrap each. This activity helps the children gain upper body strength and tactile stimulation.