What Are Some Important Things Kid Should Know About Preventing Bullying?


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Children should know that there are steps they can take to prevent themselves and other children from being bullied. Preventive steps include reporting all bullying, including cyber-bullying, to adults; avoiding engaging the bully or bullying back; and avoiding being alone with a known bully.

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What Are Some Important Things Kid Should Know About Preventing Bullying?
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Children should treat everyone with respect and avoid being mean to others. Children who engage in bullying behavior should take time to think about their words or actions before hurting another child. If the aggressor feels a need to be mean to another child, he can talk with an adult about his feelings or engage in an alternative activity.

Students and children who are being bullied should speak with an adult about the situation. It is important for victims to avoid locations where bullying happens. Victims shouldn't engage with bullies, but rather walk away or use distractions to diffuse a hostile situation. If children witness bullying, they are encouraged to report the abuse to an adult. Children should know that speaking up about bullying demonstrates to the aggressor that the behavior is not tolerated.

Children are also encouraged to support the victims of bullying by being kind to them so that they do not feel alone. Getting involved in anti-bullying efforts in school and in the community also helps prevent bullying.

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