What Are Some Important Life Skills for Teenagers?


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A teenager should have a grasp of simple household tasks as well as employment, money management, time management and social skills before graduating high school. Teens can learn many of these skills by contributing to the running of the household.

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The average teen should be able to prepare a shopping list and purchase the items on it while sticking to a set budget. Knowing how to find and use coupons is a bonus. It's also important to know how to handle a few basic kitchen tasks such as chopping vegetables, cooking a few basic recipes and cleaning dishes. Teens should also know how to do laundry and keep a car in good working order.

Teenagers should know how to write a resume and cover letter and how to seek out employment, as well as how to be a responsible worker. For instance, keeping track of a work schedule and dressing in work-appropriate clothing are important.

Having and managing a bank account are useful skills for teenagers. They also should understand what a credit score is and be able to manage tasks like paying bills.

Teenagers can learn time management by being in charge of getting themselves to school on time and completing school work on time.

Social skills are crucial for teenagers to learn. They're necessary for both college and the job market.

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