What Are Some Important Home Safety Tips for New Parents?


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Some important home safety tips for new parents are moving toxic cleaning products out of the reach of the baby, mounting bookshelves to the wall so they can't be pulled over by the baby and vacuuming regularly to make sure there are no items on the ground that could present a choking hazard. Another good home safety tip for new parents is to cover all radiators or heating vents to prevent burns.

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New parents must make sure toxic cleaning products in their bathroom or kitchen are stored out of the reach of a new baby in the highest cupboards. Any cupboard within a baby's reach, even if it has a safety latch, should only contain items that would be safe if the baby did happen to get into them, such as pots and pans or plastic dishes.

New parents should also mount bookshelves to the walls so the baby doesn't pull them over when they are learning to pull up and walk. A baby will grab onto any piece of furniture within their reach to try and pull themselves up or climb on, so it's important to make sure heavy shelves are secured and can't topple over on the baby if they do pull on them.

Vacuuming regularly is another habit new parents must adopt to have a safe home and to make sure no small items such as paper clips, crumbs or loose changes are available for the baby to put in their mouth.

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