What Are Some Ideas for Manners Worksheets for Kids?


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Some ideas for worksheets that teach children manners include coloring pages that reinforce simple reminders, such as "share" or "wait for your turn," and activity pages that require counting or matching pictures showing examples of good manners. Worksheets for older children include quizzes to match situations with appropriate responses.

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Children begin to learn manners informally at home, and this continues in a formal setting at school. As they interact with peers and adults, they learn social skills, such as sharing, talking politely, showing respect and practicing good hygiene. Parents and teachers use age-appropriate worksheets to teach and reinforce these valuable good manners. Worksheets also serve as visual aids for adults to establish home and classroom rules and as reminders for children to follow them.

Involving children's creativity through hands-on worksheet activities, such as coloring, counting, cutting and pasting, engages their interest in learning and using good manners. Adults can read out instructions for young children to follow while demonstrating the manners they wish the children to learn, such as saying "please" and "thank you." Older children can practice their reading skills as they read instructions and messages on the worksheets or answer quizzes independently.

While worksheets on manners address topics such as table etiquette and playground manners for younger children, they can teach older children the etiquette of oral and written communication, via mail, email or telephone, with emphasis on Internet ethics. Worksheets can also demonstrate cultural and international differences in aspects such as forms of address and greeting.

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