What Are Some Ideas to Cheer up a Mom Whose Child Is Starting School?


Some methods that help to cheer up a mom whose child is starting school include encouraging her to talk to other mothers who have gone through the experience and reassuring her that she will adapt to this new stage in her and her child's life. This gives her perspective and comfort as she and her child make the transition.

It's also helpful to provide encouraging words and to let the mother know that it's normal for her to feel anxious. A friend or family member can let the mom know that feeling a little uneasy when her child is away is part of being a good parent and can help her hone her parental instincts. Loved ones should talk to her openly and help her sort out the reasons why she is sad about her child starting school. The mother may find that she is concerned that she won't play as large a role in her son or daughter's life anymore, or her anxiety could stem from a belief that she should be with her child all the time. Prompting her to take up a new hobby or to do some of the things she did before having children can also help to ease transition. Busying herself with hobbies can remind her that she is a well-rounded person with talents and that all of her skills do not pertain to being a mom.