What Are Some House Rules for Teenagers?


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Teenagers need a measure of freedom to develop self-discipline, but parents need to set up clear expectations. Encourage the teen to date, but establish ground rules regarding how much contact is allowed and what types of activities are permitted. Establish a curfew and extend the time if the teen honors the rule.

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Establish guidelines that promote honesty and respect for others. For instance, do not tolerate talking back, bullying and gossiping, and attach consequences for lying or cheating on school work.Teens need a solid work ethic that includes getting a part-time job or doing chores around the home. Make privileges contingent on how often a teen completes chores and homework.

Outline the consequences of experimenting with alcohol or drugs, and teach your teen how to get out of dangerous situations that may arise. Attach consequences to unsafe behaviors, such as speeding and traffic violations, and ensure the teen knows to minimize distractions when driving, such as texting or talking on a cell phone. If necessary, limit the number of passengers the teen may have in a car.

Limit the time teenagers spend with electronic devices and guide them when it comes to utilizing spare time productively. Teach teens how to set up a budget and how to spend money wisely by designating what types of the things they must buy with their own money.

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