What Are Some Hispanic Names for Boys?


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Miguel, Alejandro, Manuel, Nicolas and Paco are some Hispanic names for boys, lists Babble.com. The Spanish meaning of the names as well as nicknames, alternative spellings and international variations are given. A few of the names also have one or more famous namesakes listed.

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The name Miguel means "who is like the Lord" and is listed as a variation of the name Michael. Its spelling variations include Michail, Micha and Maichail, while common nicknames for Miguel include Mishenka, Miikka and Mickey. The name Alejandro is the Spanish version of Alexander and means "defends mankind." A few of the popular nicknames for this are Alek, Aleko, Sander and Santeri.

The meaning of Manuel is "God with us" and is a Spanish variation of the name Emmanuel. Manuelo, Manolo, Manolito and Manny are some of the common nicknames for Manuel. A famous namesake given for this particular name is the shoe designer Manolo Blahnik.

Nicolas has two meanings listed on Babble, the first being "victorious" and the second being "conqueror of the people." Nilo, Nikko, Nikos and Nicolo are some of the nicknames listed here. It also has the spelling variation Nicholaus. Lastly, Paco means "free one" and is the Spanish version of Francis. Paquito, Pancho and Pacho are given as some nicknames for Paco, but the name itself is also a nickname for Francisco.

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