How Do I Hire a Nanny?


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According to the Huffington Post, hiring a nanny can be a difficult and emotionally confusing process, and there are many factors to consider before making the final decision. The first step to hiring a nanny is the interview. Before interviewing candidates, create a list of must-have qualities and be on the lookout for them during interviews. The Huffington Post suggests that honesty, commitment, intelligence, empathy and experience are all crucial.

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It's also important for parents to consider their parenting style carefully before interviewing a nanny. Continuity and consistency are vital for children's development, and it is important to hire a nanny whose values match up with those of the parents. Try interviewing potential nannies in a neutral space, such as a coffee shop, rather than in the home. An interviewee may be influenced by the circumstances of the home environment, and a public space gives a truer picture of an individual. Children will interact with the nanny for much of the day and undoubtedly model the behavior they see, so it is important that the nanny models behavior that parents agree with. Finally, consider logistics. A good nanny should know first-aid, CPR and should also be able to pass a background check.

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