How Do You Handle a Screaming Child?


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Patience is the key to stopping a screaming child. Watch out for the little indications that lead to screaming. No matter what you do, try to keep your calm and do not reward the child for screaming by giving him what he wants.

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  1. Prevent the temper tantrum

    It is always better to prevent a undesirable situation than to fix it. The child may scream if he is too tired or hungry. Observe under what circumstances the child is likely to throw a temper tantrum and minimize those environments in the future.

  2. Give rewards and discipline

    The child needs to know that any action has a consequence. Discipline him when he screams inappropriately. For example, put him in time out or take his favorite toy for a while. While discipline is important, so are the rewards. Promise him a little gift if he behaves. In any situation, it is important to always keep your word.

  3. Help the child socialize with other children

    A good way to stop temper tantrums is to let the child be around other children. The power of a good example cannot be underestimated. If his best friend is behaving well, use this to your advantage and encourage your child to behave in the same manner.

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