Are Growth Charts Accurate for Teenagers?


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Growth charts can suggest the average heights of teens in a particular age group, but they are not 100 percent accurate for all individuals. A person's height is dependent on early or delayed growth, illnesses, medications taken, nutrition and other factors.

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Are Growth Charts Accurate for Teenagers?
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For a teen who wants to see how tall he will grow, it's possible to review his growth chart and to track the changes over time. Using the growth chart, it's possible to estimate the amount the child will continue to grow, but this isn't foolproof. There is a formula for estimating growth that states that a girl can estimate her growth by subtracting 5 inches from her father's height and adding her mother's height before dividing by two. A boy can do the same by adding 5 inches to his mother's height, adding his father's height and then dividing by two.

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