What Are Some Good Words to Teach Your Baby to Say?

good-words-teach-baby-say Credit: Apeloga/Maskot/Getty Images

Good words to teach a baby to say include "mom," "dad," "more," "up" and "bye." Babies are only able to say short words at first, so the parent should teach them one- or two-syllable words. Hearing a word many times helps the baby learn it, so the parent should teach the baby words that are used frequently.

"Mom" and "dad" are good choices to teach a baby because the parents can use them throughout the day to refer to themselves. Parents are able to use "more" in a variety of situations to enhance a baby's communication skills. For example, during snack time, a parent should give the baby a small amount of food and ask if the baby wants "more." Once the baby indicates a desire for more food, the parent says "more" again while giving the baby more food.

"Up" is another word that parents can use frequently to teach the baby how to communicate. They should say "up" whenever they lift the baby up and ask the baby beforehand if he wants to go "up."

People use "hello" and "bye" frequently, so babies hear these words often. The parent should add a wave each time, since visual aids help babies learn.

Babies watch the eyes and mouth while their parents speak. This makes certain letter sounds, such as the "m," "b" and "p," easier for babies to learn, as they see the mouth movements that correspond to those sounds.