What Is a Good Updo for Wedding?


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One good updo for a wedding is a simple topknot. Other updos that work well for most weddings are a chignon and an infinity braid bun.

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For the top knot, hair is brushed upward and gathered tightly on top of the head. There should be no bumps on the sides or in back of the hair. The hair is then secured with a rubber band and twisted around into a circular shape. The bun can be secured with pins or barrettes and finished off with a spritz of hair product.

A chignon style is created by gathering the hair together as if to make a low ponytail. The hair is then rolled upward from the ends and pinned in place at the back of the head. As many bobby pins as needed are used to secure the bun, which can then be sprayed with styling product or teased for additional volume.

The infinity braid bun is a slightly more complicated updo that can be worn to a wedding. To create the look, hair is divided into two small side sections and one larger back section. Each section is braided and secured at the bottom with small elastics. Then, the middle section is wrapped into a bun shape at the nape of the neck and held in place with pins. After this, the remaining two braids are wrapped artfully around the main bun and secured with more pins.

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