What Are Some Good Sight Words for Kindergartners?


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"A," "and," "is," "it," "the" and "said" are the most basic of the 40 words on the pre-primer Dolch sight word list that reading instruction experts recommend for kindergarten readers, according to K12 Reader. Words occurring most frequently in new-reader materials comprise the pre-primer list.

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Once children are able to recognize words on the pre-primer list by sight, they should advance to the primer list with 52 more words and learn the list of 95 high-frequency nouns, recommends K12 Reader. Continuing through the lists, children using the Dolch sight words program know 220 words by the end of the third grade, improving fluency and comprehension, states Teacher Support Force.

Parents and educators should set sight word goals for children according to a child's abilities and interests, notes K12 Reader. Effective ways to teach a child sight words include using flashcards and games, states Education.com. Using the sight words in context helps build comprehension skill, according to Teacher Support Force.

Dr. Edward Dolch prepared the Dolch sight word list in 1936. Most of the words in the list are not phonetic, and pictures cannot relate their meanings. The words comprise 50 to 75 percent of the most common words in the English language.

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