What Is a Good Schedule for a Stay-at-Home Mom?


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A good schedule for a stay-at-home mom starts before everyone wakes up in the morning and ends after the kids go to sleep at night. It typically includes waking the kids, making breakfast and packing lunches, getting school-age children off to school, cleaning the house, planning daily activities, supervising baths and doing laundry. When a stay-at-home mom establishes a regular routine, she can schedule in moments for herself.

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When a stay-at-home mom has children in school, she designs a schedule around the start and end of the school day. Most stay-at-home moms wake up at least an hour before school starts to allow for more time to get children dressed, brush their hair, make them breakfast and gather books and homework. After-school schedules include homework, dinner, bath and bed times for the children.

When scheduling for children who are not in school, plans can include play time, structured activities, field trips, clean-up time, nap time, household chores and meals and snack times. The younger the children are, the more likely the schedule is to be interrupted by failure to nap or other disturbances.

It is helpful to assign specific blocks of time to specific activities, such as 30 minutes for lunch. Doing so allows a stay-at-home mom to make spur-of-the-moment decisions to cancel or postpone certain activities and find a spot for them on another day without having to feel as if she is always running behind. It also allows stay-at-home moms to set daily routines.

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