How Do You Find a Good Preschool in St. Louis, Mo. South City?


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Choosing a quality preschool for a child is a serious decision that takes thought and care. Some criteria to consider when comparing preschool choices are educational philosophy, compatibility with the child and personal preferences. Additionally, sites like Great Schools allow preschools to be compared by ratings and user comments, which can be helpful in making an informed choice as well.

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  1. Choose the type of preschool desired

    Create a list of qualities that you believe a preschool should have. This may include educational philosophy, types of activities, language programs, field trips and other factors. Decide if the child should be busy playing for most of the day or if a more academic approach is best. Consider costs and schedules, too.

  2. Compare and contrast schools

    Find schools that meet your criteria and create a list of the top institutions. Ask parents in the South City St. Louis area for recommendations and complete online research to measure schools against each other to determine which schools best meet the child's needs and your childcare budget.

  3. Meet with each school

    Schedule a meeting with each school. Ask questions, get a tour and find out if you can watch a class in session to get an idea of how the school operates. Take your child to the school to find out if it is compatible with the child's personality and needs in person.

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