What Makes a Good Nursery Nurse?

A good nursery nurse is caring, patient, responsible, aware of child safety issues and good at working with children and their families according to the National Careers Service. She also demonstrates the ability to work in a team and contributes creative ideas for activities.

Nursery nurses, also known as nursery workers, work with babies and young children up to five years of age in childcare settings, states the National Careers Service. They work in local authority childcare settings, reception classes in primary schools and privately owned nurseries. They ensure that children learn in a safe and positive environment. Their work involves planning and supervising different activities, helping children learn numeracy skills, reading stories and providing activities that develop children's language skills and taking children on outings. They are also responsible for feeding and changing diapers of babies and making notes for reports. They always ensure the safety of children and report any concerns, such as signs of abuse, to their manager.

A nursery nurse sometimes acts as a key worker for one or more children, notes the National Career Service. They monitor the progress of children under their care and share the information with parents and/or carers. Experienced nursery workers specialize in working with children with physical or learning difficulties or mental health issues.