How Do You Find a Good Nanny?


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To find a good nanny, think about your priorities, do your research, conduct interviews and check references. Finally, do a trial run with the short-listed candidates.

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  1. List your priorities

    Talk to your partner about the ideal nanny. List the things you want from your ideal nanny. Think about experience, age and education. Use this list when interviewing nannies.

  2. Look for candidates

    Ask family and friends to help you with referrals. Contact nanny training programs and nanny placement agencies. Consider advertising in newspaper classifieds if you are not successful in finding candidates.

  3. Conduct interviews

    Conduct interviews with as many applicants as you can. Ask about their backgrounds, child-rearing philosophies, work experience and other vital information. Have your children present during the interview when possible to see how they interact with the nanny.

  4. Check references

    Shortlist a few good applicants and call their references. Ask why the nanny left the previous job. Ask about strengths and weaknesses to get a good sense of what to expect. Make a decision on whether you want to proceed with the nannies on the list or make more cuts.

  5. Conduct a trial

    Ask each finalist to come to your home for a trial run. Ensure that you pay them for their time. Watch how each nanny interacts with your child, and make a final decision based on the one you are most comfortable with.

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