What Are Some Good Mantras for Kids to Say?

Examples of simple mantras that can be taught to children are "I give love and kindness to all" and "I am thankful for all I have." Another mantra that is powerful for children is "I am loved and loving."

These mantras are easy for kids to memorize, so the child can continue to think about the mantra for many weeks. They also provide a concise and uplifting message. When teaching children, lessons should be obvious and easy to remember, so the children have a better chance of internalizing them.

Mantras are an excellent way to teach kids about culture and to divert their attention from modern media and celebrities as role models. Learning mantras with children is a fun way to integrate spiritual culture into every day life. Religious and non-religious mantras provide positive lessons regarding love, humility and kindness. These mantras help children develop a sense of belonging in the world and provide simple ways to deal with emotions.

Reciting mantras helps kids calm down when they are feeling agitated or unfocused, the same as it does for adults, and mantras are also great memory exercises for children. Many children's memory games can be converted into mantra learning games.