What Are Some Good Lesson Plan Ideas for Children in Day Care?


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Dinosaur digs, hair and eye color graphing activities, and ice painting are some good lesson plan ideas for toddlers and preschoolers in day care. Good day care activities are age-appropriate and typically aid in the development of one or more crucial skill areas, such as literacy, number sense or social development.

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Dinosaur dig is a sensory-exploration activity involving sand and plastic dinosaur figures. It is appropriate for children who no longer use their mouths to explore their environments. Fill a sand table or plastic basin with screened sand, and bury several small dinosaurs. Encourage children to discover the dinosaurs using various digging tools, such as spoons, plastic shovels and sifters.

Graphing activities are good ways to introduce preschoolers to several basic math and science concepts. Help students collect and organize the hair and eye colors of every child in the class, and use the information to create a giant bar graph. Compare and analyze the data, asking questions such as, "What color of hair do most people have?" and "Are there more students with green or blue eyes?"

Ice painting is a fun lesson plan idea for toddlers and preschoolers, but is most effective as an outdoor activity in warm weather. Freeze various colors of washable paint in ice cube trays before the lesson begins. Insert craft sticks into each cube before the paint completely freezes. Let toddlers paint pictures using two colors, and discuss how the colors mix to make new shades. Encourage preschool-age children to explore more color combinations.

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