What Is a Good Lesson Plan for 2-Year-Old Children?


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A good lesson plan for 2-year-old children includes activities that promote healthy growth in all areas of toddler development. According to Teach Preschool, these developmental areas include sensory skill building, speech and vocabulary, creative art, music and movement, large and fine motor skills and daily life skills.

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Teach Preschool provides several example lesson plans tailored to 2-year-old children. A parent or teacher's own lesson plans can explore topics such as the tools that people use as well the basic concepts of gardening. Two-year-old children can also learn about nutrition through lesson plans about fruits and vegetables. A popular lesson plan theme is music. Musical lessons incorporate singing or playing musical instruments. Another lesson plan could incorporate all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, airplanes, trains and boats.

Teach Preschool states that the ideal lesson plan for 2-year-old children should be fun and engaging. Lesson plans need to be consistent. This makes implementing the plan easier for the teacher and lets the children to know what to expect. The author of Teach Preschool suggests that especially important concepts such as colors, the alphabet and friendship, should be encouraged through daily interactions and play rather than setting aside specific lesson plans for these topics.

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