What Are Some Good Infant Formulas That Use Goat Milk?

Kabrita, Perfectly Healthy, Holle and Nanny Care all use goats milk in their formulas. However, Nanny Care and Holle are the only to market their formulas as appropriate for children under 12 months.

In August of 2015, Kabrita was undergoing market trials for an infant formula. Aside from pre-packaged formulas, it is possible to make one's own formula using recipes from both personal blogs or product websites. Other brands, such as Meyenberg and Mt. Capra, market their goat milk powder for use in homemade infant formulas The available information on using goat's milk in infant formula is varied and there is disagreement on the best cow-milk substitute for infants. Caretakers should be cautious and consult a pediatrician before beginning their infant on any breast-milk substitute.

Alternately, some mothers create their own goat milk infant formula. Both goat milk and cow milk contain lactose, but goat milk contains less of it. Cow milk has less calories, calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin A, while goat milk has less vitamin B-12, folate, selenium and riboflavin. Both are great sources of vitamin D. However, goat milk is naturally homogenized, easier to digest, and less allergenic in comparison to cow milk and remains popular for residents of European and Eastern countries.