What Are Some Good Ideas for Preschool Show and Tell?

Items that are brought in to a preschool show and tell should not have significant monetary or sentimental value. They should be small enough to carry without difficulty, but not so small that they are easily misplaced. The item should be meaningful to the child, such as a favorite toy, stuffed animal, book, game or art project.

Articles with a violent theme, such as toy weapons or aggressive action figures, should be avoided. Children should be interested in talking about their show and tell items. Kids often enjoy explaining souvenirs from trips, scrapbooks, things from nature, photographs, decorations, postcards or objects that represent new hobbies, such as soccer balls, dance shoes or kitchen utensils. A favorite new word, either in the child's language or a foreign language, also makes for an interesting presentation.

Another way to approach show and tell is to allow children to use objects from within the classroom. Students have the opportunity to explain what is special, funny or unusual about their items, such as a tiny pencil stub, shiny paper or a creative art supply.

Another show and tell idea is for the teacher to ask students to demonstrate and discuss movements they have accomplished, whether serious, such as tying shoes, or silly, such as crossing their eyes.