What Are Some Good General Intercessions for Children?


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When offering intercessional prayer for children, some good general choices are to pray for them to learn to trust in Jesus as their Lord and Savior, to be protected from evil, and to be guided in making good choices. These three general topics of intercessional prayer cover every area of children's lives by asking that they be protected from negative influences and supported by positive ones.

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Intercessional prayers ask that the forces of the Lord intercede in a child's life. Asking God to bless and protect children is the most general prayer that can be offered for them. It can be tempting to ask for specific outcomes for children, but prayer is more satisfying when it asks for the best outcome, not a specific one. Health, happiness and safety are all general gifts that can be requested as an intercession.

Overly specific prayers are a pitfall for parents because it is impossible to know every battle that a child faces and pray for each one. Offering general prayers for intercession in a child's life demonstrates trust in the Lord. Another good general prayer technique is to refer to that uncertainty when asking an omniscient God to act in the way best-suited to the situation.

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