What Are Some Good Games for Children?


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Pencil-and-paper games, building activities using popsicles, cards, pillows and other home items, and card games are some good games for children. Kids may also enjoy playing a coin guessing game, in which a parent covers a coin with a cup, shuffles three cups and asks the children to guess the cup holding the coin.

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An interesting pencil-and-paper game involves drawing a box divided into smaller squares, writing several categories at the top, writing different letters at the left side and letting children write answers according to the categories. For example, if the letter on the left side is G and the categories are animals, colors and places, children can answer giraffe, green and Greenland under the respective categories.

To engage children with a creative activity, parents may encourage them to draw an image on a cardboard, mark puzzle pieces using a pencil, cut out the pieces and start playing a puzzle game. Another fun game involves playing lively songs and letting children dance to the tunes. They should freeze their movements when the music stops. To pump up the game, parents can request different types of poses and offer rewards to everyone at the end of the game.

Paper-bag skits are ideal for large groups of children, and they involve dividing participants into several groups and providing bags full of props to every group. The children prepare creative skits using the props.

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