What Is a Good Game to Play While You Change a Baby's Diapers?


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Diaper changes can become more fun for both the parent and child by playing games such as baby story time, peek-a-boo and silly noises. Playing games also makes diaper changing easier by keeping the baby in a good mood and still.

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Story telling for infants is both soothing and distracting because of the sing-song quality of the human voice. As a baby grows, she can help the diaper changer tell the story by pointing to objects in the room that are part of the tale. Stories should include the baby’s name, as studies show that all humans pay more attention when we hear our own name. Infants also enjoy silly noises, which are almost guaranteed to bring a smile and laugh. Not only animal noises, but blowing raspberries, beeping like a robot and silly songs can be great baby entertainment.

Playing peek-a-boo with diaper-changing equipment, such as diapers, cream and wipes, is both a fun and educational activity. Showing the baby the diaper, placing it behind the back and bringing it out again is a great way to teach the infant about object permanence. An important cognitive skill, object permanence teaches an infant that any object or person still exists even when the baby can’t see it.

Special toys, only brought out for diaper changes, can help entice an older baby, who is either resisting or won’t sit still during diaper changes. Stored in a basket above the diaper changing table, the toys can even be ordinary objects that the baby only sees at diaper time.

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