What Makes a Good Foster Parent?


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A good foster parent must be dependable, caring, understanding, motivating, patient, tolerant adaptive and a great communicator. Foster parents must genuinely care for the children they foster to provide a structured, positive atmosphere that encourages healthy development.

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Key qualities of foster parents include being a great listener, having a good sense of humor, being optimistic and being able to accept the child’s experience with their family as part of who they are. Every child is unique, so a good foster parent helps a child be the best that he or she can be. A foster parent does not have to be wealthy or live in a mansion, but they must be committed to cultivating the right environment for a fostered child. It is important that foster children have excellent role models around them, and good foster parents provide a positive example. Foster parents must be financially and mentally stable to fully support the myriad of needs that a foster child has.

Foster parents are able to provide a nurturing family framework for a child in need. An individual who decides to become a foster parent must be ready to fulfill the parenting role, and a good foster parent must be willing to build a relationship with a fostered child. Good foster parents establish a strong foundation for the children they foster, and they can continue to offer support after the child reaches adulthood. A good foster parent strives to bring only good into a fostered child’s life, and they encourage foster children to overcome challenges and become productive citizens of society.

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