What Makes a Good Father?


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A good father makes sure that his family members have what they need. He protects them from spiritual, physical and emotional danger, and he teaches his relatives what they need to know in order to help them develop and grow into maturity.

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A father does not have to have a six- or seven-figure salary to be a strong provider. Part of providing for a family involves budgeting correctly and setting spending priorities to ensure that, no matter what the income level, his family has what it needs ? food, shelter, clothing and access to opportunities.

Instead of just telling his wife and children what to do and how to live, he shows the right way to behave. He treats his family members the way they should treat other people. Living by example makes providing discipline less of a burden because they children are aware of how they should live from their father's example. While discipline is still important, the children ultimately see the value of it because of their father's consistent integrity.

In families in which religion is important, the father establishes a culture of faith and accountability, first by practicing those himself and then helping others in the family to practice them as well. Finally, he respects and loves his wife. He shares all of the work in establishing the family with his wife.

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