What Is Good Daily Schedule for a Toddler?


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Day care websites often have sample toddler schedules that can be adapted to a specific child and used at home. Family Life Center provides a schedule for toddlers that incorporates play, meals, snacks, naps and group activities. This can be adapted to fit a home schedule and outside activities as well.

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What Is Good Daily Schedule for a Toddler?
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Since every child is different, parents should decide what type of schedule is best for their child. To create a schedule, the parents should first create a list of daily tasks that must be accomplished and then establish a basic routine. Children learn best through repetition and feel safest when they know what to expect each day. A great way to establish and stick to a schedule is to prepare for things ahead of time.

While routine is important, remaining flexible is also important. Toddlers are unpredictable, and their needs may vary from day to day. Activities can vary from day to day with the overall pattern remaining the same. When a toddler feels secure, she is more likely to be willing to be flexible. Maintaining a loose structure and a sense of normalcy while away from home or in emergency situations can help toddlers feel less anxious about their new environment.

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