What Are Some Good Catholic Books About Parenting?

What Are Some Good Catholic Books About Parenting?

The Catholic Company, an online Catholic store, offers several titles for Catholic parenting. The top three most popular are "Head & Heart: Becoming Spiritual Leaders for Your Family" by Katie Warner, "When Faith Causes Family Friction" by Dr. Ray Guarendi and "Hope and a Whole Lotta Prayer: Daily Devotions for Parents of Teenagers" by Barbara Canale. Amazon.com offers the comprehensive book "Parenting with Grace: The Catholic Parents' Guide to Raising almost Perfect Kids" written by Gregory and Lisa Popcak.

Katie Warner's "Head & Heart" is a helpful guide for parents who wish to understand more deeply the roles they have as the leaders of the family. She helps parents learn how to be spiritual guides, leading their families towards heaven.

"When Faith Causes Family Friction" by Dr. Ray Guarendi seeks to address common issues regarding faith in the household. As a father of 10 children and a clinical psychologist, Dr. Guarendi offers advice based on extensive experience. His book is for parents who need answers to everyday religious questions and a little bit of reassurance.

Parents of older children may be more interested in Barbara Canale's devotional work, "Hope and a Whole Lotta Prayer." Canale understands that the teenage years are stressful and provides parents with daily reflections and prayers to bolster their spirits. Her book can be a guide for instilling Catholic values in hard-to-reach teenagers.

Catholic married couple Gregory and Lisa Popcak's second edition of "Parenting with Grace" is a guide for parenting through all stages, from infancy through adolescence. It's a humorous, inspiring and practical book.