What Is a Good Baby Poem?

What Is a Good Baby Poem?

Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote the poem "Cradle Song" about a baby's bright future. "Where Did You Come From Baby Dear" by George MacDonald and "A Prayer for My Daughter" by William Butler Yeats offer a parent's perspective on babies. Christina Rossetti's "I know a baby, such a baby" celebrates the preciousness of infants.

In "Cradle Song" Alfred Lord Tennyson compares a baby sleeping in its cradle to a newborn bird resting before spreading her wings and flying away from the nest.

George MacDonald explores the idea of a baby being a gift from God in his poem "Where Did You Come From Baby Dear?" Shaped as a conversation between a parent asking a baby where all its wonderful characteristics came from, the poem ends, "But how did you come to us, you dear? / God thought about you and so I'm here."

"A Prayer for My Daughter" is a poem by William Butler Yeats telling of Yeats' hopes for his baby daughter. He prays that she be beautiful and kind, that her thoughts be sweet like a bird, and that she be merry, brave, gentle and happy. "She can, though every face should scowl / And every windy quarter howl / Or every bellows burst, be happy still."

Finally, Christina Rossetti wrote a poem "I know a baby, such a baby" that exclaims the precious sweetness of an infant. "Oh, the bald head, and, oh, the sweet lips / and, oh, the sleepy eyes that wink!"