What Are Some Good Art Projects for Kids?

What Are Some Good Art Projects for Kids?

Any project that is messy or allows for lots of creativity is popular with most children. One simple way to occupy artistic kids is to cover a card table or picnic table with brown butcher paper and set out bowls with finger paints, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and glitter, and let children decorate the paper.

Craft stores sell wooden shapes that make perfect canvasses for young artists. Buy wooden letters in the shape of each child's initials or buy small wooden boxes that kids can paint or decorate with gems, glitter and tape.

Kids also enjoy making art projects for their families to keep or display. An older child can make holiday banners by cutting out small shapes out of paper and writing a message such as "Happy Thanksgiving," one letter on each piece of paper, and stringing the letters on yarn.

Invite any child to form clumps of clay into ornaments. Poke a hole in each ornament, and let it dry. Allow the child to paint the ornament, then tie a loop of ribbon through the hole so the ornament is ready to be hung on a Christmas tree or in a window.

Most young children enjoy stringing beads and buttons onto cords to make necklaces. Older girls may also enjoy creating rings and bracelets using beads and buttons. Closely supervise children around beads and buttons. Give young children oversized beads to prevent choking.