What Are Some Games to Teach Children Their Letters?


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Some games for teaching the alphabet to children include Make a Match, Puzzle it Out, It's a Toss Up, Lasting Impressions and Hop to It. Hop to It is a combination of learning the alphabet and physical exercise. It involves drawing letters in chalk on a sidewalk or driveway and calling them out one by one for children to jump to.

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What Are Some Games to Teach Children Their Letters?
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For younger children or toddlers, It's a Toss Up might be more suitable. The game involves selecting four letters of the alphabet and writing them on separate pieces of paper. Tape each piece of paper to one side of an empty milk carton or similar lightweight object, and toss into the air. The child's task is to identify the letter that lands face up.

To play Puzzle it Out, draw a letter in bold onto an index card and cut it into a few pieces for the child to put back together. Lasting Impressions involves carving letters into play dough and asking the child to identify the letter, perhaps using only touch with their eyes closed for extra difficulty.

Make a Match is an alphabetical twist on a popular memory game. To play, write three letters on two index cards each and place them face down. The child's task is to turn over two cards at a time to find matching pairs. Start with capital letters and use a maximum of 10 cards. To make it more challenging, increase the number of cards and include lowercase letters.

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