What Are Some Games for Little Kids?


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Games for little kids include elbow tag, keep away and penny toss. The games are appropriate for school age kids, although younger kids may also be able to understand the games.

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What Are Some Games for Little Kids?
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In elbow tag, one kid begins the game as the tagger and is called "it." Another begins the game as the tagger's target. The rest of the kids group into pairs, link elbows and form a large circle around the tagger and his target. The tagger chases the target and if he touches the target, they switch roles. The target can run to a pair and link elbows with them. If he does, the kid he didn't link arms with becomes the target.

For keep away, the kids draw a large circle on the ground and all but one stand outside it. One kid, who is called "it," stands in the middle of the circle. The rest of the kids throw a ball around over his head. "It" tries to intercept the ball or grab it when someone else fails to catch it. Once "it" gets the ball, the last kid on the outside of the circle to touch the ball becomes "it."

Penny toss requires a sink, tub or kid's pool filled with water with an open plastic cup in it. Kids take turns throwing pennies at the cup. The kid who gets the most pennies in the cup is the winner.

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