What Games Can You Play With Babies?


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Games to play with babies include peek-a-boo, copycat, "monkey see, monkey do" and "where's your nose?" Games can help a baby learn new things and have fun. Since babies develop quickly, the games they can play vary depending on their stage of development.

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What Games Can You Play With Babies?
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To play peek-a-boo, place both hands in front of your face. Move your hands to reveal your face and say "peek-a-boo!" Babies cannot recognize that you are still there when you cover your face until they are around nine months old. As your baby develops, he may reach for your hands in an attempt to find you.

To play copycat, hold your baby close to your face. Slowly perform movements and facial expressions, such as sticking your tongue out or smiling. Watch for your baby to start copying your expressions.

To play "monkey see, monkey do," copy what your baby is doing. If he is making sounds, make the same sounds. If he is smiling, smile back at him. This game can develop a baby's confidence.

To play" where's your nose," ask your baby the question in a happy voice. Then, lightly touch his nose and say "there's your nose," also in a happy voice. Repeat the game with different body parts or objects. This game helps develop language skills.

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